2022 CACYOF National Leadership Retreat: Reverend Abegunde orientates youth leaders on Personal Growth and Development

Reverend Dr. Adesina Ayodele Abegunde

By Boluwatife Oparinde

Reverend Dr. Adesina Ayodele Abegunde, Resident Pastor, Higher Baptist Church, Ogbomoso, has orientated regional and center leaders on the importance of personal growth and development.

This was on Friday, 18th February at the ongoing 2022 CACYOF National Leadership Retreat for Regional and Center Leaders holding at Babalola Memorial Camp Ground, Ikeji-Arakeji, Osun State.

Speaking on the topic, "Personal Growth and Development (PGD): A Must for 21st Century Youth Leader", Rev'd Abegunde, explained that, "your current leadership position must never be seen as an arrival but today’s privilege connecting and determining tomorrow’s possibilities. Your life unfolds like that of a plant; starting with a single seed, falling into the earth in death, sprouting and growing vigorously by maximizing the environment, ending up with numerous seeds of its kind. Personal growth and development produces that wonder; making a leader become a multiplier of countless great leaders."

The Baptist church cleric who described personal growth and development as a transformational process that guarantees a brighter and better future, both earthly and eternally, said that, "personal growth (PG) is the overarching personal development (PD) of various developmental areas of a person’s life (spiritual, intellectual, emotional, sexual, physical, communication, etc.)"

The clergyman expressed that "character growth will eventually determine your growth in life. Spirituality minus 'omoluability'(character) is nonsense," adding that, "growing to become the best of who God has called you to be is Personal Growth."

Speaking to the leaders about ministry, Rev'd Abegunde described that Pastoring, Apostleship etc. are not purpose, "they are your office and platform. God gave you platform to fulfill your purpose. Your purpose is your assignment stated in Ephesians 4:12,13."

He furthered that ministry is about 3 Ps - People, Programmes (organize programmes that will solve the problems of people); and Projects (you need to carry out projects to facilitate the programme for the people).

The third Guest Speaker at the Leaders' retreat listed some misconceptions that leaders should do away with such as, "growth is automatic; growth comes from information; growth comes with experience; growth is unnecessary for me"; correcting that, "many grow older without growing up or growing wiser; knowledge without application means little; experience is only good if it improves you; if you plan to lead, you must keep growing."

Having highlighted the phases of growth, steps of growth and essence of personal growth, Rev'd Abegunde concluded that, "my beloved leaders, you are either growing or you are groaning. The more you grow, the less you groan. Nothing stands between you and your greatest possibilities except your growth and development. A lifelong growth and development is inevitable for any leader who wishes to fulfill the fullness of God’s plan for his or her life. Everyone will surely pay a price, whether the price of preparing or the price of repairing. Choose to prepare. Take time to plan and pursue your unique growth plan and be the best version of yourself.

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