"CAC Go" app developer charged to court for fraud"


A 29 years old man, Adenowo Oluwatobiloba was arraigned on Wednesday November 17, 2021 before a Magistrate Court in Osogbo, Osun state capital for allegedly impersonating Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide in the cyber space, by unlawfully launching mobile application christened "CAC GO."

The prosecutor, office of the Assistant Inspector General of Police accused Oluwatobiloba of maliciously inserted hard copies of CAC copyright publications (Daily Devotion and Sunday School Manuals) in that application for the purpose of financial gain, thereby committing an offense contrary to section 418 and punishable under section 419 of the criminal code CAP34 VOL II Laws of Osun State of Nigeria, 2003.

He was dragged before the Magistrate, A.A. Adebayo who granted the accused bail on payment of N500,000 with one surety who must be a civil servant not below grade level 10.


  1. God well continue to expose them in Jesus name

  2. Good development by the Church authority. Its time to tell the world that CAC is not a place everything goes. There must be laws a order even in the things of God


  4. How can a young man who is a bonafide member of CAC, who served in the Publicity department of CAC Campus youth Fellowship be paradded and arraigned in court like a common criminal like that?

    Is that how a church should treat her own member?

    This is highly unscriptural, it is best settled out of court.

    CAC you need to have a rethink, sending this man to jail unprofitable to anyone and to the body of Christ as a whole.

    I am highly disappointed

  5. What a selfish and shameless church. Do you know how much this guy served in the vineyard during our school days. How much have you empowered the youths in your church, they try to develop themselves and this is what you do. I'll never ever allow my 10 Kobo enter that church again. I regretted ever paying your stupid seed of destiny. You are selfish, wicked and thieves. Thieves calling another a criminal. God will judge you.

  6. well, i don't want to say much about this CAC as a church,
    How is the church encouraging youth?
    do you know how the app has helped a lot of people who have no assess to the print out copy? other church are there uplifting their youth, CAC is there dragging her youth to court. No wonder the youth are moving to Redeemed, Living Faith, Mountain of fire and other denominations and my church is not doing anything about it.

    Already the church has loss a family in the church if not more than one family.

    so what will CAC gain fro this their action now?

    May the Lord have mercy.

    1. Hmmmm. Wonders shall never end. I can't believe this. This is a bro that work and served in the publicity unit during our days on campus and invented a lots of new innovations to the fellowship. He created an app in favour of the church and the only thing the church can do to her member is to arrest and charge him to court. This is more reason why many of our youths are migrating to other churches. Most of the dedicated youth members of other churches are actually from CAC. still the church is not awake.... Hmmmm our church is sick....

    2. They will gain the money nowwwww

      Hungry people

      There are ways they can call him into order if at all they don't want it or if they want the App for themselves.
      Developers develops apps and the concern company will see it great, and they will call.sucj programmer to do it in their favour and pay him off or put him on monthly pay but instead my church decide to disgrace us....

      The entire campus fellowship is being disgrace.
      Someone that impregnate member, they won't put it up here oooooo, a pastor that impregnate member, you won't see such here abi that one is cool?

      If this young man, is to be one of their children, believe me they will know how to settle this without anyone knowing about it... Politics in church is now more than the so called politics outside.

      This is so so so so embarrassing....

  7. I guess CAC is not a place where good thing goes then,if this is the way its member's are been treated. Then there wasnt a church in the first place

  8. What a disgrace, I'm just seeing this.
    If a common man should do this, what would the church have done? If someone form other religion should do this, what will the CAC do?

    I see this as an organization full.of greedy and selfishness beings.

    Is this what Christ preached?? I'm highly disappointed.

    How does building an App and being paid by google when people visits or used the App, become a fraud.
    This is the same church that has killed so many talents Bcos of their way of life and pretense.

    I asked again "Is this a church or a kind of organization". I guess this is not the way the founder of this church situated it.

    Even if what he did seems to be wrong, is there no other way to address this part from disgracing you devoted member this way? Someone who has sacrificed and contributed alot for the progress of CAC Campus fellowship without being paid?
    They have nothing to offer, yet they are acting like God...

    I'm leaving this church with immediate alacrity. RUBBISH...

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