CAC members speak on lessons learnt from January to June 2021 Sunday School Pamphlet


By 'Gbenga Bankole

There is no word that can best describe how God impacted His church with the January to June series of Christ Apostolic Church Sunday School pamphlet.

We can boldly say that the end-time revival has started in all our assemblies in CAC Worldwide considering how lives have been  blessed beyond human comprehension with the pamphlet themed "God in the Administration of Man II."

The pamphlet was divided into three units namely "Gentile Administration Before Exile", "Gentile Administration in the Exilic and Post-Exilic" and "In Jesus and the Church."

Below are some of the comments of CAC members across the globe on the January to June pamphlet:




God is fully in charge of every affair in the kingdom, government and ministry of man. Only give room to His leading and rest assured that success and everlasting joy awaits us. 

Nobody can have success in life without the help and guidance of God. We must rely on God. We need God's backing in any given assignment by God. He will never leave us alone; we need to rely on Him for effective success.

Finally, Jesus has always been very simple, clear and direct in administration. We must follow His pattern.


God is the creator and the owner of all the universe and He always choose to use anything or anyone He wanted to, no matter how bad such persons or things are. 

Therefore, everyone should make himself or herself available for the master's use and never because of your usefulness to misbehave or abuse the power God's has placed in your hands. 

Finally, everyone should be part of the country's development by performing their civic responsibilities. 

Oni Opeyemi Emmanuel, C.A.C Orisun Iye District Headquarter, Omu Aran, Babajide Region

1)God is aware of every Leaders be it spiritually or politically and He appointed them to occupy the post at His own pleasure in which we must obey the Command of the Authority.

2)God will not condone any unruly act no matter your position or your relationship with him.

3)God has alternative for everyone if you think you there is no one like you.

4) God can use unbeliever to Transform better changes in an incident if he wishes.

Pastor Olarewaju Emmanuel Oluwashina Dare, C.A.C OKE-ANU ADOGBE, MOPA KOGI STATE, BABAJIDE REGION

First and foremost, I appreciate the OWNER of All, Who happens to be the ADMINISTRATOR to the AFFAIRS of MEN.

Series of lessons has been taught, as it was divided into three Segments:


What I learnt under this unit that God owns all the Creations, both Man and animals, every creation are ascribed to His Power making. Again God has a  plan for all that He created. He has designed it to the extent that He will never allow one out of any party either the saved or the Unsaved to cheat on others. He reveal Himself as the Creator over Nations also among the Gentiles, there is nothing He cannot do.


Under this series, God raise other nations as a rod to chastised His own people when they fail to acknowledge His counsel. He also make Himself know at Babylon where people were able to see God of the Hebrews and that of Daniel at work, while some perish, because of their doubtful and disobedience and no one can question His doing. He anoint and appoint anyone He wishes to elevate, uplift and exalt when we are closer to His side. He do likewise and use Men on our behalf to fulfill His own purpose to our lives.

God went ahead also to a Land where His name is not privilege to be mentioned because of some circumstances but we could see Him in action by Making a Replacement to anyone who will not submit to fit for His purpose and Target. God as the designer of all things also give and make way to rescue and also to overcome the threat of the enemy. He can do more today.


We can see Christ who was made the Head to the Church showed some examples of how to live a befitting life that GOD will be pleased with, and also acceptable. We are to serve others diligently, with humility, care, passion, obedience, trust and in the empowerment of the HOLYSPIRIT for greater achievements to the Body of Christ that was redeemed. God in the new testament use the first century to bring people of different culture together by the means of the gospel and also use persecution as one of the instruments to make His work become faster. He appoints leader to exercise His authority and kicked against rebellion among His people.

Conclusively, JESUS will come and reign, rule and judge over all creation, man especially. He will come back to take His own. 

Name: Akanni Caleb,

Assembly: C.A.C. Oke Imole, Osogbo

District: Araromi

DCC: Araromi

Region: Babalola

1. All soul belong to God, so no one should think himself/herself as His favorite.

2. We should not think anybody as a castaway, everyone is in the plan of God (Hagar & Ishmael). Jesus die for everybody - Jews and Gentiles.

3. God can use any means/way to bring His plan to come to pass.

4. God has a way of punishing His people if they erred from His way, He can move gentiles against His people.

5. God can use anybody to bring His purpose to fulfil (Cyrus a gentle, Augustus Caesar and King Herod in time of Jesus)

6. Jesus teaches us to follow His pattern of leadership - sacrificial leadership.

7. We have to obey and respect any government in power; they are there because God allow it so they are God's representatives. God will not defend anybody who go against the law of these leaders.

8. The gift that God gave His church if for a purpose.

9. Also in eternity, there is a plan for everyone that accept Christ as His saviour.

10. God is in control in ALL affairs of man. No any area of life of is secret before God, He holds all the earth in the palm of His hand.

Oni Opeyemi Emmanuel,C.A.C Orisun Iye District Headquarter, Omu Aran, Babajide Region.

1)God is aware of every leader be it spiritually or politically and he appointed them to occupy the post at his own pleasure in which we must obey the command of the Authority.

2)God will not condone any unruly act no matter your position or your relationship with him.

3)God has alternative for everyone if you think there is no one like you.

4) God can use unbeliever to transform better changes in an incident if He wishes.

Mrs. Toyin Babalola, CAC Amazing Grace Zonal Headquarters, Ikorodu, Lagos.

I get to know that there is nobody God cannot use either negative or positive. He will use many against there own wish but they will not know because it is for a particular purpose.I also know that there is God in the situation /politics of 21st century ( Nigeria ). God is seriously using our Christian Education Department because all the theme/topic is going along with the situation of the country Nigeria.

Adeniji Flourish Titilope,C.A.C Orisun Ife Zonal Headquarters,Babalola Region.

God can use anybody to achieve His purpose. He is a respecter of no man.

In Isaiah 45: 4&5 

" For Jacob my servant's sake, and Israel mine elect, I have even called thee by thy name: I have surnamed thee, though thou hast not known me.

5.  I am the Lord, and there is none else, there is no God beside me: I girded thee, though thou hast not known me"

King Cyprus who didn't know God was chosen by God as His annoited. He can use a believer, unbeliever, muslim, witch, or even herbalist to achieve His purpose because all souls belong to Him. Don't say it's only believers God can use to bless you. God can use anybody for you.

Pastor Eyinla Ifeoluwa Afolabi SamuelO, Owo DCC, Ondo State, Odubanjo Region

I learnt that God is the controller of the whole universe. He created the earth and He controls it at His pleasure. Secondly, Christ is the only perfect example that we can look up to, not any man of God or anyone. Lastly, Christ is the head of the church, so we must be obedient to Him as well as every wives to their husbands and every man must sacrifice for their family.

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