Why we made Odun Nlo Sopin in Igbo, Hausa –Deborah Fasoyin

Deborah Fasoyin


The leader of the respected Christ Apostolic Church’s Good Women Choir, Ibadan, Deborah Fasoyin, has said she decided to make Igbo and Hausa versions of their iconic song, Odun Nlo Sopin, because it should not be limited to Yoruba language alone.


She told Sunday Scoop, “For over 40 years, Odun Nlo Sopin has been a song with divine supernatural covering, mostly sang in the Yoruba-speaking part of the country when the year is running to an end. However, it should not have been limited to the Yoruba tribe. Although people of other tribes listen to the song and ‘flow’ with it, that was not enough to make them have a deeper encounter with the power in the song because they did not fully understand the language. That was the reason Berachah Music put together Odun Nlo Sopin ‘Wazobia version’ to extend the blessings to all by translating it into the other two major languages in Nigeria― Hausa and Igbo. The audio and lyrics video of the song have been released, while the music video will be out soon.”


Fasoyin, who turned 80 earlier in the year, noted that the new versions of the song have been well received. “The responses we have got have been awesome, especially from the Hausa and Igbo communities in Nigeria and in the Diaspora. People have been saying things like, ‘This is long overdue’, ‘God bless you for extending the blessing in the song to other tribes’, ‘Now, Odun Nlo Sopin will remain forever’ and ‘This song will unite Nigeria like never before’.


“I can also tell you authoritatively that the song’s acceptance since its release through the number of downloads, streaming, likes and views on all our social media platforms and designated music stores has been very great. I would like to use this medium to thank Nigerians, both home and abroad, for extending their love to us by responding positively to the new versions,” she said.


The veteran gospel singer also said there were plans to translate other songs in the group’s repertoire. She stated, “Yes, there are plans to translate other songs by the Good Women Choir to different local and international languages. The purpose basically is evangelism and we believe the more people who hear the song in their local languages, the more souls that would be won for Christ.”


On how the choir was connecting to young generations, Fasoyin said, “Young, up-and-coming Christian artistes are encouraged to connect with us by way of collaborations.


“In 2015, during Daystar Christian Centre’s Christmas carol service, we had a collaborative session with the Healing Stream of God choir, rendering Odun Nlo Sopin with a touch of youthful energy. The addition of some modern instruments also gave the song a universal recognition and the performance went viral on social media.


“Meanwhile, the new wazobia versions of the song also feature some young artistes, who sang with me. All these are ways to make the younger generation connect to our old songs.”


The octogenarian however said the decision to release other new songs would be based on whatever directive she received from God. She added, “Aside the 25 releases God helped us to record through the Good Women Choir, I also have two solo songs.


“As to whether there are plans to release a new album soon, we would have to leave that in the hands of God. If He gives us the directive to go ahead and release another album tomorrow, why not? But my priority now is going back to Ibadan, which is my base.”

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