Engage in tent-making, use your proceeds to support church planting, Pastor Fasuyi urges ministers


By ‘Gbenga Bankole

The Mission Director, Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide, Pastor Caxton S. Fasuyi has urged ministers of God, particularly part-time ministers to be tent makers by using their proceeds to support church planting.

He said Apostle Paul was a tent maker and his ministry as a preacher didn’t suffer and he even used his money from tent making to support his ministry and church planting.

Pastor Fasuyi stated this last week while ministering on the topic “Church Planting and the Tent Ministry” at 2020 Conference of all Evangelists, Prophets, Prophetesses and Planters.

He further said: “I want to see planters who are not full-time ministers using their money for the ministry and for church planting. Paul, Aquila and Pricilla are good examples. Use the money you realize from tent making to support the church. Myself and my wife are not exempt, we used the proceeds we get from our businesses to plant churches and propagate the gospel all over the world.”

While defining tent making as the ability to combine secular work with real ministry, the Cleric said it is possible to combine secular works with the ministry.

He however said that God is the Owner of His Church, you may be an instrument He used for the planting, but God is the Builder. 

Pastor Fasuyi further said no one should abuse the privilege given to him or her to be a planter, adding: ”don’t call it my church. It is God’s church. Jesus says ‘I will build my church and the gate of hell shall not prevail’. It is only God that can build the church, not human beings by the power of anybody. Jesus Christ owns the church not the planter. Stop boasting of anything. Regard God as the Owner of the Church.”

The Cleric also advised church planters not to see themselves above the authority of the church, stating that no matter who you are, be loyal to the authority and contribute your quota for the progress of the church.

Pastor Fasuyi also said: ”Being a Pastor or having large following does not stop the devil from troubling you. Challenges are inevitable in the ministry. The gate of hell cannot prevail over you when you are faithful and godly. Paul faced a lot of persecution, people misunderstood him, but yet he overcome the persecutions. When you are faced with persecution do not walk away from God.”

The Cleric urged Ministers of God not to do the opposite of what they preach, saying that Paul was faced with different oppositions but he never compromised his stand in Christ.


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