"73 areas to touch in the lives of your children" by Prophet Michael Ojo

If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it. ( John  14 : 14 KJV)

There are many areas to touch regularly in the life of your Children in prayer. Don’t under estimate any area they are all important. “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened” ( Matthew  7 : 7-8  KJV)

Here,I will show you many of these areas so that you will be able to check the area you’ve not been touching,so that you may take them more seriously.


Some of these areas are:

1) Their Spiritual life
2) Their Purpose
3) Their decisions
4) Their Marriage
5) Their Conversion to Christ
6) Their character
7) Their Attitude to money
8) Their attitude to opposite Sex
9) Their attitude to work
10) Their attitude to life
11) Their attitude to People
12) Their attitude to marriage
13) Their Submission to the Holy Ghost
14) Their future
15) Their safety
16) Their Sexuality
17) Their mind set
18) Their Fruitfulness
19) Their glory
20) Their Health
21) Their Victory
22) Their Temperament
23) Their Choices
24) Their promotion
25) Their career
26) Their Choice of life partner
27) Their Wedding
28) Their friendship.
29) Their relationship
30) Their mind and Brain
31) Their names
32) Their leadership
33) Their Children
34) Their long life
35) Their prosperity
36) Their Focus
37) Their Joy
39) Their Vision
40) Their location
41) Their Peace of mind
42) Their service unto God
43) Their Success in life.
44) Their fear of the lord
45) Their Battles
46) Their enemies
47) Their maturity
48) Their spirit
49) Their fear
50) Their Meekness
51) Their self Control
52) Their Faith in God
53) Their Victory over Sin
54) Their hatred of Alcohol and drug
55) Their Perspective to life
56) Their Junctions in life
57) Their hatred of sexual immorality.
58) Their love for purity
59) Their Emotion
60) Their Passion
61)Their Boldness
62) Their in laws
63) Their love for prayer
64) Their love for the word of God
65) Their love for the house of God
66) Their generosity
67) Their wisdom
68) Their provision
69) Their integrity
70) Their Desires
71) Their Addictions
72) Their Going out and coming in.
73) Their eternity

There are many areas to touch,it is a long walk with God, you can not afford to fail,you can’t afford to be slack,you are the gate keeper of their destinies, you are on the watch tower,you must be alert,you must be sensitive,we are not fighting flesh or blood we have formidable enemies to contend with in the lives of these Children.

Remember: A CHILD OF MANY PRAYERS CAN NOT GO ASTRAY. Contact me for more!
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