Seven things you must not do in 2020

By 'Gbenga Bankole

As hustling and bustling of year 2020 started, there are some important things you must do to be successful, to make positive impact or be fulfilled in the year.

Meanwhile, there are some things you must not do. Probably, you did some of them last year, the result of which was responsible for your overall performance.

The following are the seven things you must not do in the year 2020:

1. Mistakes you made in 2019: Mistake is part and parcel of life. While some mistakes can easily be corrected, some can never be corrected. Try to flashback and remember mistakes you made in 2019. Who knows maybe you would have gone farther than your present condition, no thanks to those mistakes. Try your  best possible not to repeat those mistakes and if you're already on the same path, it is never too late to make necessary correction or adjustment.

2. Unprofitable Friends: "Show me your friend and I will tell you where you will get to" is never a gainsay.  There are friends you need to do away with. Majority of them you journey with in 2019 never contributed anything to your life. The era of choosing friends without cogent reasons should not be part of you in 2020. Choose friends who can help your vision, not friends who will kill your vision.

3. Unnecessary Spending:You may be faithful with God when it comes to tithing, but after paying it, you need wisdom to spend the remaining 90 percent. Spend your money wisely this year. Endeavor to save before spending. Try to save at least once in a month. Adjust the way you spend this year and make profitable investments.

4. Lack of goals or vision: Any individual without a vision, is a dead human being. Little wonder the Bible says where there is no vision the people perish. You must not journey this year without your clear and well written vision and goals. Even if you have written them, let them be time bound. This is 2020, remember how you lived your life in 2019 without setting any tangible target for yourself. Meanwhile, your vision or goals must not contradict God's plan for your life.

5. Not reading: Sincerely answer this simple question: how many books did you read last year? Some people journeyed through 2019 without reading books that can impact their lives professionally, spiritually and maritally among others. Don't repeat the same mistakes this year. There are over a million books you can freely download online. Read books that can help you to achieve your visions and fulfill God's purpose for your life.

6. No relationship with God: There are three types of people in the house of God. Those who people know, but God don't know; those God knows, but people don't know and those God knows and people know. The big question is, where do you belong? God can only know you not by WORKING for Him, but by WALKING and WORKING with Him and in Him.

7. Having no Role Model or Mentor:  A Role Model is a person looked up to by others as an example to be imitated, while a Mentor is a person who guides a less experienced person by building trust and modeling positive behaviors. Majority of people who are aspiring to be great or successful, don't have a Role Model or Mentor which is very wrong. Don't make the mistake you made last year, look for a role model and someone who can mentor you. You can be mentored through someone's books or message.


  1. I really enjoyed these motivational & inspirational word. You're indeed blessed with the Word sir

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