No one can clap with one hand, you need a relationship to succeed- Prophet Ologbonyo

Prophet Ade Ologbonyo

The Planter of Christ Apostolic Church, Church of Boanerges, Prophet Ade Ologbonyo, has said everyone needs relationship to succeed saying that no one can clap with one hand.

In his exact words;" I study hard about the mystery of life and I observed that everything in life is reproduce on the basis of relationship. What is relationship? Relationship is the way in which two or more people are connected. In other words, it is the way in which two people or groups feel or behave towards each other. Relationship are advantageous connections. Listen, you may never rise in this life without a good relationship. As we go through life, we meet a variety of people and build complicated as well as personal relationship with them. "One good relationship in your life can transform your life from zero to Hero, from nothing to something". Relationship is love, relationship is peace, relationship is a stream of income, relationship is currency."

"Everybody has a motion, and when it's connected to you, the resources flows freely to you. There are many people that we know today that we would have had access to, on the strength of relationship, but our inability to understand and keep the relationship held us in the long queue."

"There are various types of relationships;1. Relationship with God 2. Friends 3. Work 4. Family 5. Romantic ...etc My life today has changed because of relationship. My relationship with the Holy spirit is why I am valuable to the world. That's why I treasure it. I will not give up the Holy spirit for anything or anyone. Who likes you matter in this world. Relationship is not bribery. Bribery is a way of hurrying relationship without following due process. Relationship is like a new born baby, it takes time and processes to grow and not without a price. Nothing of value is free. You must pay the price because of the value it can bring to you. God has granted me valuable relationships and I don't take it with levity. Relationship that has brought financial partnership to my life, family and ministry. And God has blessed and honored several people that I know base on relationship. Your relationship with God and man matters. Human beings are social creatures, we need relationship at every stage of our lives. Pastors/Imams, there are many things our sermon will not give us but relationship. Many have lost a lot in their lifetime because they couldn't maintain relationship."

"Everyone of us can maintain relationship, but we need to understand the following steps. 1. Tolerance: Relationship requires tolerance if it would last longer. You must be able to tolerate your friends and accept him the way he/she is. Don't expect everybody to be like you. Some of the people you need to reach your destination have hot temper. Some of them are difficult people, some of them have anger, overlook those things because of the value in them. I restated, everybody can not be like you, some of them are sarcastic. Some of them make you feel bad when you are in their presence. Create a system of emotional immunity and endure. The day you will need them, you will know that their value worth it. 2. Understanding:- Relationship requires understanding to last longer. You must understand that the person you are dealing with is a human being like you, he is fallible. He can make mistakes. You should understand his/her good aspect of life and weaknesses. When he/she misbehave in his/her weaknesses you tolerate, understand and correct in love. Do not castigate, abuse or break up. Except you have tried and no changes. "Friendship is by choice and not by force". 3. Forgiveness: The bible says in Colossians 3:13 "Bearing with one another, and forgiven one another, if anyone has a complaint against another; even as Christ forgave you, so you also must do. But above all these things put on love, which is the bond of perfection. And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to which also you were called in one body; and be thankful."(NKJV). We can not but offend each other in a good relationship, but the antidote is forgiveness. 4. Communication: Every good relationship requires a good communication which I describe as the bedrock for a successful relationship. You remember before you married your spouse how often you communicate, see each other off and show love without looking at each other's mistakes. So, why are you not doing same now. Please communicate as technology has made it easier than ever before. Pick your phone and tell someone how important he is to your life. Appreciate those friends. Which relationship have you ignored or ignoring right now that can destroy you? Please pick up your phone and rebuild the relationship as fast as possible. Where you ought to apologize, kindly do. Isn't it amazing when someone has solution to your problem, but your arrogance makes it so difficult. There are different expectations in every relationship. Sometimes these expectations are made cleared by talking about them, but other times are just spoken by rules that develop as you spend time together. 5. Giving: Invest in your relationship, it is not all about money. Encourage and advice where necessary; support in the days of trouble, standby in the day of joy, give in cash and kind; appreciate when something is being given to you no matter how small. Thank you go a very long way in every relationship. These are great investments on your relationship. 6.Give due Honour to the one you call your friend. The book of Malachi 1:6 says "Son Honour his father and a servant his master. If then I am the Father, Where is my honour..". God value honor so much to the extent that He asked for it. Don't forget our first and best relationship is to God our creator and to the one you met in the journey of lifetime. No man has been able to resist Honour in his spirit. No matter how wicked or stubborn he is. 7. Trust: To trust is to depend on; to have confidence in; to rely on. Trust is Confidence; a reliance or resting of the mind on the integrity, veracity, friendship of another person. The book of Proverbs 29: 1 says that "He that putteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe". 8. Faithfulness: To be faithful is to be reliable, steadfast and unwavering. When a person walks consistently with God or man, in humble service to Him, he or she can be called “faithful.” Nehemiah 7:2, Proverbs 20:6 9. Genuine Love: True friends love you truly – they love you for what you’re and will never ditch you. (1Cor13, Lk10:27), They are always true, pure, honest, unselfish, giving, helping, and loving at heart. Your true friend might not be like you, nor have your interests, or even your mindset. Yet he or she will truly care for you and will do anything to help out. 1 John 4:20, 1John 3:17-18) 10. Patience. Patience is a virtue that can build relationships. Nearly everyone recognizes a need for more patience at times. It’s a fruit of God’s Spirit and an essential key to better relationships with God and fellow man. Ephesians 4:2. Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Romans 12:12. ... Galatians 6:9. ... Romans 8:25. ... 2 Peter 3:9. ... Colossians 3:12. You need relationship, maintain the one at your disposal and value it. However, there are casual relationships with people you might just have to say hello, smile at and pass by. You do not have to make friend with those that subtract, divide, backbite and destroy you without believing in your vision. Do not make friend with someone that can not defend or fight for you. Those that believe in a rumor against you without asking from you. The Bible says "Make no friendship with an angry man, and with a furious man do not go, lest you learn his ways and set a snare for your soul. (Prov22:24), 2 John:10-11. Make friends with those that believe in your vision and those that know your value. There are some people you surround yourself with and don't have to worry about impressing them. Those that had proven to be faithful, loyal and trustworthy; these are often the relationship that have stood the test of time. So value those you feel comfortable with and secure being around."

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