10 ways to overcome procrastination by Evang. Tunji Oyedokun

What does procrastination mean?

Procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something. OR

To be slow or late about doing something that should be done.

In relation to achieving success in life, procrastination is categorized as a self-destructive behaviour. When you procrastinate, you say to yourself that you aren't worthy of your dream and that you aren't ready to achieve success.

Four (4) reasons why people procrastinate.

People procrastinate;

1) When they feel unworthy of their dreams and goals.

2) When they lack hunger for success or are not success driven.

3) When they live in their comfort zones and are too comfortable.

4) When they fear they could fail if they start to pursue their dreams.

Ten (10) ways to overcome procrastination:

1. By acknowledging that you are here for a purpose and finding out what your purpose is;

2. By realising that failure to live out your purpose in life will amount to a total waste of talent and time on earth;

3. By deciding to pursue your dream to a successful end despite the obstacles or challenges that could make you delay on things to be done;

4. By making up your mind to follow your dream passionately, persistently, consistently and hungrily;

5. By not allowing comfortability to stop you from doing important things to change your story for the better;

6. By not giving room to fear of the unknown to stop you from starting to pursue your dream with boldness;

7. By not succumbing to your unpleasant circumstances to make you procrastinate on things you should do to change your life;

8. By believing and holding your dream dearly to your heart and being patient even if success is still far-fetched;

9. By being success driven and refusing to give up on yourself in difficult times no matter how tough your situation is; and

10. By setting realistic goals and engaging in little things that could take you closer to your dreams on a daily basis.
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