Being a Pastor's wife is a calling - Pastor Oladokun

Pastor Gideon O. Oladokun

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The Chairman, Logistics, 2019 Pastoral Training Programme, Pastor Gideon O. Oladokun, said there is dignity and respect in being a Pastor's wife.

He noted that being a Pastor's wife is a calling and no woman can just wake up one day and say she wants to go and marry a man of God, noting that God Himself must have arranged and ordained it for her and if she does it without God, she will have herself to blame because the protection of God will not be there.

Pastor Oladokun who is the DCC Superintendent of Itire Districts' Coordinating Council (DCC), Lagos, said to be a Pastor's wife is to thoroughly be a helper, an assistant, adviser and somebody the husband (Pastor) can lean on in times of persecution and trial.

The Cleric stated this on Monday December 9, 2019 while ministering at a seminar organized for wives of would-be Pastors held at Babalola Memorial International Miracle Camp, Ikeji-Arakeji, Osun State.

Pastor Oladokun stated that due to ignorance, lack of godly character, wrong advice and demonic machinations, many Pastors' wives have become the Achilles heels of the ministries of their husbands.

"Many Pastors' children have vowed never to become gospel ministers nor marry one due to the tension and ungodly scenario they usually witness among their ministerial parents. It is no gainsaying to state that the homes of Pastors are under tremendous pressure today with alarming rate of divorce, separation, single parenthood and scandals that have gained ascendancy in Pastors' homes in the last couple of years. Many are now openly teaching divorce and remarriage by their lifestyles," the Cleric stated.

While listing categories of Pastors' wives, Pastor Oladokun said there are caterpillar wives, passive wives, ministerial wives, by-force wives, Pastors' wives by training and Pastors' wives by birth.

According to him, caterpillar wives are not worthy for ministers, explaining that they are only destroyers without proffering any solution. He added that they don't attend their husbands' churches, they are like cankerworms in the ministry of their husbands. They are addicted to borrowing money, they fight with the ushers, they don't know how to complement their husbands' ministry but they are masters of complications in the ministry.

He further explained that Passive Wives are wives who will not stop their husbands from the ministry, but they will not give any helping hand to their husbands.

"Ministerial Wives are category of Pastors' wives who are genuine. They even consider themselves as in the ministry with their husbands and they are pillars behind their husbands' success. They are supportive, focused, prayerful and submissive, available and dependable, they stand in gap for their husbands at home and they are also training their children to fear God."

" The By-force Wives are wives who never knew their husbands would become Pastors, so, when they eventually become one, they refuse to see themselves as Pastors' wives, because they didn't prepare for the work of the ministry. "

"Pastors' Wives by Training are category of wives who are not called. They don't even know they would become Pastors' wives but found themselves marrying Pastors, but they receive adequate training with patience and accept the responsibility given to them by God."

"Pastors' Wives by Birth are category of Pastors' wives who knew they would become Pastors' wives before marriage. They start preparing earlier for the work. So, this makes it easier for them to meet up with the ministerial challenges," Pastor Oladokun explained.
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