"Taking the Mantle:Our youthful exuberance" by Stephen Adebayo

"While initiators fights for results, Mediocre on their part fights for mere title."

Like an overfilled cup of water coupled with my burning urge of Holy anger, am directing this message to the youth ( male and female) of our dear mission ( Christ Apostolic Church). Why are we deceiving ourselves? why are we trying to form what we are not? Are we not worst than our Baba's whom we are always criticizing and nailing to the cross for their lapses and mistakes, which has caused this great mission a major setbacks in the recent years? Is our education and exposure of any benefit in whatever capacity we find ourself in the youth fellowship? Are we better in our attitude and approach to the problems and challenges facing our dear mission?

As a member and a stakeholder in the youth department of this great Apostolic family ( which I believe everyone of us are as a youth) I have seen several occurrences, propaganda, manipulations, apostasy, conspiracy,politics, unhealty rivalry and misdemeanor happening before my very eyes, amidst the youth body, which makes me wonder and I can't stop asking myself this big question " Are we surely the future of this church, or his future menace?. Even when the Baba's retire and the space is vacant, will there be anyone to fit into that space perfectly at all? Someone said yes!

With these childish behaviour we are displaying even as a leader, title freak attitude, archaic ideology, visionless fight for space and recognition, self aggrandizement, negative approach to spiritual matters etc that we are all exhibiting,i don't think we can move from here. It is alarming and devastating today to see our youth fight for title and position instead of focusing on the mantle, knowing fully well that the mantle profess the title ( my opinion though, which might be different from others), neglecting the place of preparation and time.

David as a future king of Isreal, never surfaced until his time came. He remained in the Bush watching over the flocks and killing all the wild beast that poses a threat to his flocks, not knowing that God was only using that as a training ground for his next level of assignment as a king. A man that is fit and bold to stand before lion and wolf is surely a man with a lion heart.No wonder he was able to put Goliath and his aides to a flight. This was also significant in his reign as a king of Israel, winning and conquering most of the battles he could face in his lifetime. The point is, he waited for his time, worked and equip himself while waiting and was never judgemental towards his rival Saul ( as we all do today ad youth).

Youth of Christ Apostolic Church are too quick to pointing of accusing fingers to the church authority at any level whatsoever, for not performing up to expectation,meanwhile if given the opportunity to lead in that same capacity will do less even worse than that. Why?

Are we possessed or Something is wrong somewhere?. I have decided to keep mute but the more I remember the drama that happened at the National Youth Conference 2 years ago, I can't help myself than to speak up.

The theological seminaries and Bible colleges we all attended is not showing at all while the music schools and professionalism we claim to have is not rubbing off on our leadership style and approach to matters that matters. Moreso, the Bachelor  and Master degrees we have is useless if we cannot solve or create a solution to the numerous problems the church is facing as a youth and future leaders. But instead of solving the problem, we are unconsciously aggravating it. ( Apology to the innocent and useful ones among us).

Am so sorry am sounding harsh this time because I thought things will get better but the reverse is the case and just as the popular Yoruba saying " kaka ko ro lara iya aje, o fi gbogbo Omo bi obinrin" and to be candid with ourselves as youths, with all these anomalies coupled with my sad experience at the youth conferences I have attended, this is my submission " We are not ready to take up the mantle yet". We are just desiring it!

There is division, hypocrisy, conspiracy, rife,nepotism, disunity, politics, dichotomy and unhealthy rivalry, going on in the forum and we want to meet the good standard of other denominations, how possible is that?. Once again, apology to the innocent and decent ones amidst us, who have stayed up all night, making sure that things go well despite been the victim of all these spiritual mess and thirst for power which has caused so much instability in the department. Let's face the reality here! We can't achieve anything and we will keep having issues with a merry-go-round movement, if we don't do the necessary adjustment ( I believe Akinyele Region Youth Choir Department understand what am talking about,  even if others don't)

I'm not a saboteur or any names you might seem to call me right now or may be this is a result of any external or internal influence as you may or might assume. Am also part of this and no one is excluded here ( a stakeholder as said earlier). I want to see the best come out of my church and as a youth, I know where things are wrong. We can't just fold our hands in akimbo and pretend as if all is well when it's absolutely not. We are not kids and babies anymore. Title and position will not take us anywhere beyond our 'REGION' and the battle of taking the mantle with less or no preparation for it, will be endless with nothing to show for it.

Let's come together to chase the devil called 'EGO' in our forum. Let's embrace and support whosoever is fit and capable to lead any section of our youth department regardless of his/ her age or without unnecessary dichotomy.

We must shun conspiracy, nepotism, dichotomy, politics, unhealthy rivalry,hypocrisy and disunity amidst us. Also seeing ourselves as the product of our right or wrong approach on this matter, will be of help to manage our stand well. We can't continue to kiss the devil and use that same mouth to praise God. He will never accept 'Ajeku' ( left over)' worship or service from us.

Conclusively, I want to borrow from a Yoruba saying that goes thus "B' owo omode o ba te eku ida, ki beere iku to pa babe e" ( a young man does not investigate his father's death with an empty hand).....You can't give what you don't have. As we are eyeing the mantle, let's prepare well for the challenges it attract and not just the title.
God bless us all.

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