Why ministers should be interested in music ministry- Pastor Akinosun

Pastor Abraham O. Akinosun

By 'Gbenga Bankole

The President of Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide, Pastor Abraham O. Akinosun has urged Ministers of God to show interest in music ministry of the church.

He said that as one who has been given spiritual authority to lead the church, the Pastor leads the church by example in worship.

The Cleric noted that the minister is directly or indirectly communicates the vision and direction of the church from style to theology of worship, adding that not only that people look to their pastor for the vision of the church, they also look to see his attraction and interest in music.

Pastor Akinosun who stated this at the just concluded Music Ministers' Conference added  that:" this is one reason that I usually start my sermons with worship. I want to urge every of our minister to be worship-savvy, praise-compliant, music lover and friendly with the choir."

The Cleric noted that the place of music cannot be overemphasized in any Christian setting, saying that music is a blessing to the church, music therapeutic, music heals.

He added that; "in 1Samuel 16, David played his harp and Saul was relieved of his troubling spirit. Our founding fathers with their songs and hymns brought down the hand of God with resounding miracles to the amazement of all and sundry. Praise is powerful. The Church thrives on the efficacy of praise. Truly, God dwells in praise and love praise givers. Music ministry is all pervasive and consequential. It is our sole business in heaven. I congratulate you for engaging in music ministry right from here on the earth. I sincerely commend the initiative of this conference where you gather to hone your skills, flesh your skeletal knowledge and sharpen your musical insight for optimal use to the glory of God and extinction of the kingdom of darkness."

According to him, music ministry should be a team work, stressing  that some music leaders rely on their talents so heavily that they miss the joy of teamwork.

"Either they are insecure in their gifts or by propensity to control everything to uphold their significance, the blessing and power of unity is never realized. Team mentality require everyone to give up their rights as individuals for the good of the whole. Surrender to the bigger goals, fulfilling different roles, and allowing God to use you as one body. Each member of the team serves the other in humility and together accomplish more than you could ever on your own," the President said.

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