"Where are God's Mouthpiece" by Evang. Gbenga Aluko

Evang. Gbenga Aluko

Biblical anchor: TEXT: Matt.3:1-10, 1 Sam3:1.


We live in era where everyone seems to be in a hurry, attempting/acting like they are saying things, doing things and going places, this rush has even caught up with those that are supposed to be His mouthpiece, we are busy with rosters, meetings, duties, programs, paraphernalia of office with the high possibility of not being in sync with heaven per time, knowing His mind which qualifies us to speak same, DO WE STILL HAVE GOD’S MOUTHPIECE?

Anything working is surely connected to a power and to worsen the already bad case is the uprising and prevalence of gods of men being mistaken as men of God using diabolic powers to do their work which many (even the elect) confuse as God’s work, patience for God’s time, be like them syndrome, attack of the devil and his agents, signs of the end time and the confused on-lookers who applaud any form of arrival without probing while down -talking/grading any true call waiting in God’s factory whose time of “arrival” is yet to come ,waiting on and in God.

Are major contributors to this bad omen as if God who made the heaven the earth, parted the red sea, stopped the sun and the moon, lived in and through all great generals both dead and living, who were/are mightily used of God for ear tingling salvation, exploits, signs and wonders. Has He gone on terminal holiday/dormant, is He short of power or stingy in its release or can He no longer release it, or more like there are not too many men consecrated enough, waited enough, paid/paying the requisite price and fit by His standard to convey His power? Remember He said greater things will ye do, DO WE STILL HAVE GOD’S MOUTHPIECE?

Some men of God speak to the head, others speak to the body only a few are graced to speak to the spirit, only the deep calls unto the deep, this are people who have been/still go to God in prayer, fasting, studying, meditation &waiting where they contact the spiritual stamina it takes and also receive the word from the throne of grace, straight from the heart of God, not fast-food microwaved from the internet but the intent of our father, where are our prayer champions? DO WE STILL HAVE GOD’S MOUTHPIECE...?

This generation is in dire need of men whose message and lifestyle doesn’t not have love of money/grace that is not Christ like/subdue or dogmatic control of God’s sheep (Men whom Christ has set free) and all other forms of selfish and personal reason as its usual fulcrum, Men of God with a balanced view, understanding, training and inspiration anchored on and supervised by the Holy Spirit. DO WE STILL HAVE GOD’S MOUTHPIECE...?

Men who by their relationship and loyalty to God are enjoying the New Testament version of a grace that Abraham enjoyed, “I will not do this without letting my friend Abraham know”, they are by grace privy to both God’s plan/voice and also not unaware of the machinations of the devil and his cohorts, are not caught unaware of off-guard, DO WE STILL HAVE GOD’S MOUTHPIECE...?

Men who like patriarchs’ of old are always in pursuit of peace with everybody but will not keep silent for one second at the face of outright wickedness displayed even in high places, the prestige/honour/honorarium and other privileges accruable to affiliations with the throne will not make them silence God’s spirit within them, it is like fire burning in their bones that can’t be kept DO WE STILL HAVE GOD’S MOUTHPIECE...? 

I desire to be one of such father, whose life ambition is to please you, with eyes and focus on you and things that are yours, exhibiting the gospel even when silent, being a voice that Heaven can count on when palatable or otherwise, a channel unveiling God to a sick and dying world, speaking comfort to the helpless and caution to the recalcitrant, God help me to be GOD’S MOUTHPIECE.
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