Your Destiny is Unstoppable by Evang. Afolabi Ayomide

Text: Jeremiah 1:4-7.


If God has a destination for you, your present situation cannot stop Him. The circumstances of life surrounding young Esther as a slave girl did not stop her from becoming queen of a very powerful kingdom. In the Name of Jesus Christ, your present circumstances shall not stop you from arriving at your God-appointed destiny! Similarly, concerning where God is taking you, your past does not matter. 2 Corinthians 5:17 says if you are in Christ, old things are passed away and everything has become new. For this reason, God commands you thus in

Isaiah 43:18 :
"Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old."

If you are sure of your salvation in Christ, whatever that was in your past that the enemy wants to use in hindering your destiny will receive a divine touch. Everything in your past that can destroy your present and future, especially as relates to your destiny, shall be completely arrested by God today. From today, the mercy of God will go ahead of you, and your past shall no longer hinder you. Every accusing finger pointing at you shall stop in Jesus' Name. The Lord says this to you in Romans 8:1 : "There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit."

Moreover, another vital information you should have is that God is the One who decides destinies. He told Jeremiah: "I have determined what you would be, long before I formed you and put you in your mother's womb. While you were still in your mother's womb, I ordained you to be a prophet to nations." Long before you were born, God had already decided what you will be. He did not consult with your parents before taking His decision about your destiny. If He did, they could have disqualified you. "Witches and wizards from your village" did not know what was going on at that time. They were not there when God was planning your life, hence they can't stop you. In His mind, God has decided the following concerning you: it shall be well with you, you shall live to glorify His Name, you shall not die prematurely, you shall fulfil your destiny, and many more. Every good thing that the Lord has decided concerning you shall be established! Every destiny destroyer sent to hinder you shall fail and fall. Your tomorrow shall be far greater than your today. Every force that tries to hinder you shall be destroyed by the fire of the Holy Ghost in Jesus' Name. Shalom.

Prayer Point: Father, paralyse every gang-up of the enemy that wants to stop the good things You have started in my life.

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