"Hold on to the Word" by Lady Evang. Esther Ogunbayeje

“Forever, oh Lord your word is settled in heaven” Psalm 119:84

God’s word is Yes and Amen (2 Corinthians 1:20). His word is powerful and effective. As it goes forth, it takes root and become unchangeable. God’s word never fails. What we do not know is the time of accomplishment and so we become impatient. We become doubtful, fearful, and fretful thinking God has forgotten what He says. God is never forgetful or slow.

God speaks. God does not just speak. Before He says it, He means it. Before He says it, He sees it done. Even as His word is spoken it is established only waiting for the right time to manifest. For example, Mary was not pregnant the very moment the angel told her God’s message about the immaculate birth of Jesus but in heaven it was already stamped and decided upon. Luke 1:37.

God’s word is real as He is real. God never speaks lie, God never falter and never speaks wrong things. God’s word stands just as He is immovable. Nothing can stop His word from being fulfilled. No pit of hell has power over it. No pit of hell can change it. No pit of hell can change it because God is unstoppable. God’s word will be fulfilled. Therefore, Take God for His word. Hold on to it. Trust Him even if His word looks like it will never be fulfilled. He is honest.

Wait on God though waiting may look too long but it is worth it. Waiting for God does not lead to disappointment or heart ache. Waiting on God does not hurt. God has reason, purpose and time for everything and every word. His time is always the best. He never forgets though we may think He does. He constantly keeps His word in focus. He is never too preoccupied to abandon what He has said. Trust Him even if His word looks impossible again.

Trust Him and believe that He has your best interest on His mind always. Carry on praying. You cannot trust God too much. Do not allow anything or anyone to discourage you. Do not let anything worry you. In as much as you are in His will, you have nothing to fear or worry about. God is able to do what He says. Even though things may look out of order or longer than expected, God knows the reason. Things may look impossible but with God, all things are possible. You can count on God irrespective of your challenges, know that nothing is greater than God. No one is greater than God. Whatever stands against you is not greater than God and not greater than you. Abraham did not die barren, Sarah also was fulfilled, and she had her joy despite what they both went through. Genesis 21: 1-7.

Do you have God’s word for you? Go and rest. Let His peace rule your heart. Refuse to panic. Refuse to compromise. Do not go for Ishmael because Ishmael cannot give full joy. Ishmael cannot replace Isaac because the attributes of Ishmael are different from Isaac. Genesis 16: 11-13. Ishmael gives pain but Isaac gives joy and peace.

Live by faith. Do not live by sight. Do not reduce your prayer. Do not reduce your faith and hope. Do not take short cut. Do not accept wrong advice. Do not compromise your stand. Compromise is not only reducing the standard of living righteously but faith as well. Faith can be compromised though it is vital to pleasing God and to living a victorious life. Walking by faith is very important because faith distinguishes the just from the unjust. While the unjust do not walk by it the just do. Romans 1:17.

Faith is the difference between the walk of the upright and the crooked. The unjust do not walk by faith because they do not see the point in trusting and waiting. To the unjust, waiting takes too long and it is unnecessary. The unjust take laws into their hands, they do things their own ways and care less about God, and they push God aside while they use their own senses, power and intelligence. But God wants total reliance on Him and only the just can please Him. As only the just can please God, only the just can succeed and have victory in God’s way. Hold on, walk in faith till the end. “When we walk with the Lord in the light of His word, what a glory He sheds on our way, when we do His good will He bides with us still and with all who will trust and obey.”   Hold on. Keep on trusting and do not let go of God’s word for anything.

Evangelist Esther A. Ogunbayeje
Christ Apostolic Church
United Kingdom

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