Now that you are in 2019 by 'Gbenga Bankole

 You are one of those who were hoping to witness year 2019 about few hours, days,weeks or months ago. All glory belongs to God who has made it a reality for you.

NOW THAT YOU ARE IN 2019 you need to take some decisions if you want your dream this year to see the light of the day.

The following are the decisions you must take:

1. New Resolutions: You need to be franked with yourself. There are some lifestyles you lived last year that made God to be angry with you or indeed hindered you from achieving your goals.You need to make new resolutions. Distinguish yourself from those acts. Enough of unnecessary spending,fun,browsing, friendship etc.

2. Make God First: Before you take any decision or step, firstly commit it to God's hands.The Bible says "in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will lead thy part". Don't call unto God after taking a step, but before taking it.

3. Time Management: Majority of people failed last year because of their inability to manage their time effectively. You keep spending majority of your time on the internet when there are important things for you to do.You must not continue with such act this year.Make sure you have a list of what you intend to achieve everyday well written out on a paper and let them be time bound. Ability to achieve all of them is what is called success and this will determine your overall achievements for the year.

4. Improved Reading Culture:"Readers are leaders."If you want to be one of the leaders that will emerge from this year, your reading culture need to improve drastically. Read and meditate on the scripture to get divine guidelines. Read necessary notes or textbooks to brooding your knowledge.Make it an habit to read on daily basis.

5. Tougher Spirit: "When the road get tough, the tougher get going." Undoubtedly there are so many obstacles on the way to success in 2019, but you need to remain focus irrespective of the obstacles.Never be wearied or dejected, persevere and be determined.

You're blessed in Jesus name.
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