Why most of our children don't accept the gospel

By Anonymous

Why is it that our youth Church are mostly populated by the children of nonmembers and not the children of committed parents in the Church? Why is it that most wayward and rebellious among our youths are children of notable members of the Church? Reasons may be multifaceted, but notable among them is the double lives of the parents.

Are you living a double life before your children? Do you give biblical instructions to direct and train your children, but you yourself are failing to live by them? The children can see that! Please, know that your words won't carry as much weight as your actions to set good examples before them! No wonder, many of our children and youths think of the Gospel as merely a time on Sundays to showcase a trending fashion, socialise and 'mingle' with friends.

You come awfully late to Sunday services, tell lies, keep malice, gossip and call Church members derogatory names behind their backs, IN THE PRESENCE OF YOUR CHILDREN, and you expect them to receive the Gospel like the believers of old who came together with one accord in unity of purpose?
At home, you disrespect and treat your husband with disdain, but at Church you will almost not say a word without kneeling down; the children are watching you! At home, you beat and mistreat your wife, but at Church you display a sanctimonious 'holiness'. In the Church, you pretend to love the hymns, but at home, everybody knows your choice music is laden with worldly and obscene lyrics, never Gospel music.

The children can see and observe all these things, as well as your impatience, your violent display of anger, and your dishonest dealings
In the Church, you're as meek as a lamb, but at home, you're a devouring tiger; the children are looking at you. In the Church, you're the loudest prayer warrior, but at home, you hardly call your family together for prayer, let alone pray personally; the children can see that. In the Church, you display vibrant joy and appear to have faith in God to solve your problems, but the children know that that is only for a show because back home, they know your worry and anxiety can bring the atmosphere down to a state of zero joy.

At home and at other social functions, you dress worldly, but you appear in the Church plain and all covered up; what interpretation are you giving to the Gospel before your children? That the Gospel has two standards? You will be surprised that they may 'perfect' the act of hypocrisy better than you when they grow up! Or, they may altogether reject the Gospel with the excuse that, if it doesn't work with you, why should they even try it at all?

Always know that, though our children learn Bible theories in the Church and sometimes at school, their eyes are constantly searching for/and recording our 'interpretation' of the Gospel which will be played out in their own decision for/or against the Gospel when the time comes.
Let us provide them the true picture of the Gospel of the Bible. Let the graces and virtues of a true believer be exemplified before their eyes by us. Let us teach them in the way of the true Gospel (Prov 22:6), but most importantly, let us LIVE IT OUT in their eyes so they can know that there's real power in the Gospel; and that the power to change lives is truly in believing in the Lord Jesus Christ. Why? Because this is what will later form the bases of their faith and their interpretation of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ as they grow up to become godly adults and become part of the next generation of believers!

May God not have to require the blood of our children from our hands for the loss of their souls by the kind of EXAMPLES we set before their eyes, in Jesus Name.


  1. I love this piece! More grace, in Jesus name. Amen.

  2. Thank God for this word of advise. God bless the writer. Amen

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