I will be happy if CAC becomes one during my life time- Pastor Bandele

Pastor Paul O. Bandele

By 'Gbenga Bankole

A former and retired General Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Worldwide Pastot Paul. O. Bandele has expressed his happiness over the ongoing move to reunite the church.

The 8th General Superintendent of the mission noted this in an exclusive interview with CAC NEWS recently.

In his word:"I am so happy with the peace and reconciliation going on. I tried my best while in office regarding the unification of the church. There was a time the authorities of the church selected ten people from General Executive Council and Supreme Council to form a committee and find a way to bring an end to the crisis. I was made the chairman of the committee.

"We held about 34 meetings. At last some people from the other side destroyed the whole thing. We had gone far with our plan to the extent of planning to hold a joint service at Ikeji. We had gotten a date and planned everything, but when it was four days to hold the service the then President of the Supreme Council said he won’t come. He said that he saw that if he came he would have an accident and die. That was how everything regarding the reconciliation subsided."

"Now that the church is embracing peace particularly with the Joint National Youth Conference, I am really happy because it is what I have been praying for. I will be happy if it will happen during my life time."

"I want to appeal to the committee set up for the reconciliation of the church that they should have one mind and one goal. During the time of the committee that I chaired some of the committee members particularly from the Supreme Council were double minded. If they say yes today, by tomorrow they will change the yes to no. If we agree on a point today, by the next meeting they will come with a letter attacking our agreement."

"The new reconciliation committee should have one mind. It is that one mind that can help us. When I was the chairman of the reconciliation committee we had gotten to a stage whereby we prepared a communiqué which was signed by leaders of both factions that we were going to have a unity service. But later some of them pulled out that they were not going to agree. They were not in support of retirement of Pastors due to the fact that retirees then were suffering. They were saying that if they retired what would they eat? Who would be feeding them? We thank God that there is a lot of improvement from the GEC for their retirees.The committee should do the assignment with one mind of unity."


  1. May God Almighty continue to strengthen you people at CAC News.
    I enjoy your write-ups. Continue this good work, God will give you the needed backing.

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