INTERVIEW: Why Ministers of God must create time for their families- Pastor Akinyomi

Pastor J.O. Akinyomi

Pastor Akinyomi Oluwemimo Joseph, the incumbent DCC Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Somolu Olaleye DCC, Lagos is one of the ministers of God CAC Worldwide can be proud of considering his enviable Godly characters, spiritual gifts and anointing which through the grace of God he has used over the years to impact lives and enlarge God’s kingdom.

In this exclusive interview with CAC NEWS, Pastor Akinyomi speaks on what come first between family and ministry, how Ministers of God can manage their families and ministries, the ongoing move to reunite CAC Worldwide and other interesting issues. EXCERPT!     

As a respected minister of God with unquantifiable experience in the ministry, what do you think come first between ministry and family?

The right priority of minister of God is God first, family second then ministry. Where there is no good family you can't have good ministry. Our family is the image of our ministry.

Considering the tight schedules of ministers of God, how do you think they can manage their schedules in order to have enough time for their families?
Every serious minister of God must know how to schedule his time in order to have much time for his family. His children must feel his presence at home as father not as pastor. His wife must feel his presence at home as husband not as pastor. He must have time with his family members than church members.

There are ministers of God who take ministry ahead of their families. They honour all invitations without considering the fact that their families also need them. What is your message to them?
Acceptable ministers of God must learn to say NO to some invitation. Honoring every invitation here and there, out of homes for days will eventually affect his family negatively. Ministers of God must have time for his family.

This day the rate at which ministers of God die is not encouraging and medical practitioners have attributed this to lack of rest and stress. What is your advice to ministers regarding this?

 Stress and depression are silent killers. Some ministers do not take good care of their health. In 3 John chapter 2, the Word of God says we must prosper in health. They should have enough time to rest and sleep enough during the night, not engaging vigil every day. They must watch what they eat. They must eat balanced diet.

What is your advice to ministers of God who are being maltreated by their host stations?

Any minister of God being maltreated in his station should not discourage at all. He should see it that God is using it to build him for greater assignments. He should endure hardship as a good solider of Christ.

It is generally believed that majority of ministers of God children always misbehave which usually tarnish the image of their fathers. What do you think is responsible for this and what is the way out?

It is not true that children of ministers of God always misbehaved. Many ministers of God children today are also ministers of the gospel. It is only a minister of God who does not have time for his children that his children can misbehave. The demons he is casting out from peoples’ lives can come to his home and possess his children. Ministers of God should have much time for their children and train them in the way of the Lord.

What is your message to ministers of God in terms of management of church fund?

As a minister of God you are in charge of His (God) church. He (Minister) is to manage both personnel and finances. He must not misappropriate church fund. He must not borrow it nor borrow anyone church money.

Any advice for ministers of God wives?
Every minister of God wife must believe in her husband ministry, she must support him and always pray for his success.

What is your opinion on the move to reunite CAC Worldwide?

I want God to reunite CAC Worldwide Himself. I don't really believe in this human fake unity. Example is the Joint  National Youth Conference where we have two Youth officers in a programme. Let God do it Himself.


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