Sigh of relief, as CAC factions finally embraces peace

By 'Gbenga Bankole

Certainly the era of disunity, chaos and court litigation in Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide between the two factions of the church is gradually coming to an end.

This is because the long awaited unity and peace of CAC Worldwide has been achieved as the General Executive Council (GEC) and Supreme Council (SC) have agreed to buried the hatchet and embrace peace.

At the second unity prayer being organized by both factions, the President of Supreme Council faction, Pastor Gabriel Lagunju said it is time for CAC to be one and anyone that kick against this shall be destroyed.

"It is time for CAC to be one. Anyone that kick against this will be destroyed. There is no denomination in the world that has two Presidents. We will be in big trouble if this season passed without the church being united, he said.

The Cleric said the unity and peace of CAC Worldwide has already come to stay.

"We sent our people to GEC Pastors' conference last year for the purpose of this unity. I was even doubting if they will be welcomed. But to my greatest surprise, when they returned, they told me it was jubilation galore. That they were given an hero's welcome. The GEC did same thing. They sent a delegate to our own Pastors' conference and we also peacefully welcomed them," he stated.

Pastor Lagunju said that after the grand finale of the unity prayer which will hold at Ikeji-Arakeji on the 26th of this month, they will hold a meeting which will establish the unity of the church.

He categorically stated that what is making him happy is that the unity will give birth to a great revival in the Church and Nigeria.

The President of the GEC Faction, Pastor Abraham Akinosun while preaching appreciated God for destroying the work of the devil in the Church.

He urged everyone to continue to pray for the leadership of both factions until the unification of the church is achieved.

"Some kings encountered so many problems in the scripture because their followers or people failed to pray for them. We need to continue to pray for leaders of the church. I know the problem has been overcomed," Pastor Akinosun noted.

The immediate past General Evangelist of the GEC faction, Prophet S.K Abiara said in November 2017 God told that both factions should have a joint unity special prayer for peace to reign in His Church.

He noted that God told him all sons and daughters of CAC Worldwide should gather and pray for satan to be dealt with.

The renowned Evangelist further explain that;"When I heard this, I wrote to both Presidents and they agreed with me for the prayer to hold. I thank God because both parties agreed with me"

"God said if we listen to His command, He will surprise His Church. If we obey, He will forgive our sins of financial and time wastages. Wasting money on court litigation."

"God said if this time of mercy pass by and you didn't answer me, I will beat anybody who disobey."

According to Prophet Abiara, God says; "I will beat anyone who disobey this unity, irrespective of the post the person occupy. If you obey, I will open the door of great revival that will surprise the world."

"If you fail to drop court litigation, I will stop the source of which the money you are using to finance it. I owe the church, my church cannot be stopped but man can stop."

"If anyone dies in this conflict, the door of the kingdom of God will not open for the person. The meeting at Ikeji-Arakeji should be given adequate publicity for everyone to know. I will open the door go miracle and Wonders."

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