Impact of CAC Unification on Nigeria by Stephen Adebayo

The fresh air blowing right now in Christ Apostolic Church Worldwide, is an indicator that the storm will soon be over with every debris cleaned up. Indeed there is light at the end of the tunnel. The latest of the unification plan was the unity prayer which encompasses all the ministers of God and member of both factions led by Pastor Lagunju of the Supreme Council and Pastor (Dr.) Abraham Olukunle Akinosun of the General Executive Council.

This is absolutely a good news to all the members of this mission and as well the well wishers, most importantly to the youth of this great church who are saddled with task of taking the baton from the older generation and bearing the torch on.
I remember far back in 1995 at old Christ Apostolic Church Orisun Ibukun assembly (now a district headquarters), where I was a choirister in the juvenile church, at our mid-week service, I used to listen to the then assembly pastor, Pastor Melenikan relayed some prayers on this issue of unification and with all zeal and strength we always pray. This really motivated me as I grow, to always pray for the church to be unified and the desire to see things change for good linger on.

Been born and bred in Christ Apostolic Church and seeing many leaders of various department come and go, seeing different lapses, shortcomings, areas of weakness and strength of the church, new implemented rules and regulations, ages of the war, counting of the yearly changes in our watchword without any hope of having a unified watchword, the court cases, the sanctioning, the years of crying and wailing endlessly in youth conferences at Ikeji-Arakeji on the matter of unification of this mission, the ridicule and the emotional trauma emanating from the pain of seeing our beloved brothers and sisters on their way to Ori-Oke Alasepe at Ikire for their youth conference while we are on our way to Ikeji-Arakeji for the the same purpose, the shame of seeing two different logo of CAC, ministers warring themselves and other egocentric and miscellaneous events which will soon become issues of the past in Christ Apostolic Church, really calls for a worldwide celebration and like the biblical incident of the Israelites of old shouting and celebrating after their return from slavery, our mouth is full of praise to God, for making us to cross gallantly over the Red Sea.

I can confidently say that my dream of having a unified youth conference, one president, one logo, one secretariat and one leadership has finally come true.
There and then, the big question is ‘what has this got to do with Nigeria as a nation? Reading one of the books of the immediate past President of Christ Apostolic Church, Late Pastor (Dr.) E.H.L Olusheye (The History of CAC), I got to know that there are some correlation in the event that has happened in CAC and Nigeria as a nation in the past. For instance, Babalola went to the mountain to pray in the year 1955 as regards the economic advancement of Nigeria and the Lord answer those prayers in 1956 when crude oil was detected at Oloibiri in Bayelsa.

It was recorded that the year CAC began their faction war and thereby adopting an interim system was also the year Nigeria underwent an interim government. Furthermore, as the first indigenous Pentecostal church in Nigeria and Africa, it was of good note that many political leaders who were successful in their tenure in the late 50’s have one or two things to do with the church.
Looking at this from the prophetic angle, the unification of Christ Apostolic Church has a greater effect on Nigeria as a nation. The people calling for secession and division in Nigeria are only wasting their time because as new, reformed, united and energetic CAC is emerging, then a new, organized and strongly bonded Nigeria is also emerging.

Politically, the leaders of Nigeria can borrow the idea of pocketing their ego, humble themselves, think of the of the negative effect, division and secession will have on the masses and considering the underdevelopment, 27 years of crisis has caused CAC as a whole to withdraw their selfish intention of dividing this country through their non-challant, less proactive and lackadaisical attitude.

CAC belongs to God likewise Nigeria and anyone regardless of his or her political, social and cultural status, who is not willing and ready to accept this fact should be prepared to face the wrath of God.
God bless CAC worldwide, God bless Nigeria.
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