INTERVIEW! My vision for Babalola Region – Pastor M.O Oyepetun

Babalola Regional Superintendent, Pastor M.O Oyepetun

Pastor Michael Ola Oyepetun, the outgoing Superintendent of Christ Apostolic Church, Lagos Districts Coordinating Council (LDCC), Ebute-Elefun Lagos Island has been in the ministry over 40years ago. He has worked in several stations and God has used him to plant so many churches for the glory of His name in CAC Worldwide. He was recently appointed as Regional Superintendent of Babalola region which comprises of Oyo and Osun state.

In this interview with the Publisher of CAC NEWS, Oluwagbenga Bankole, Pastor Oyepetun who is popularly called “Baba Chairman” at CAC LDCC, speaks about his journey in the ministry, his vision for Babalola region, the work of a regional superintendent and other interesting issues. EXCERPT!

Kindly tell us about your journey in the ministry

Before being transferred to Lagos Districts Coordinating Council, I have worked tirelessly at Benue state during my youth time. I work there for about 10years as a Pastor. God used me to plant so many churches there. By the grace of God, some of the churches God planted through me that very time have grown to become DCCs, Zones and District Headquarters. From Benue state, I was transferred to Ede in Osun state in 1981.I worked there for almost 5years. It was through me CAC Ede reached District status in 1987. I worked tirelessly there because I was very agile due to the fact that I was a youth. Church planting was not a problem to me. God used me to plant many churches there also.

After Ede, I was posted to CAC Lokoja in 1989. Many churches were planted through me by the grace of God. From my youth days, church planting was my work and passion as a pastor. We plant churches and make sure it is established before leaving. God used me to plant so many churches at Lokoja.

In the year 2003 I was posted from Lokoja to Ondo town. Before I left Lokoja, God through the authority of CAC Worldwide promoted me to the status of Chairman of CAC Lokoja Zone. At Ondo town, God also planted so many churches through me. I left Ondo in 2006.

From Ondo I was posted to Ibadan in 2006. I was in Ibadan from 2006 till 2009 until the authority transferred me to Badagry DCC. At Badagry God still used me to plant many churches. I thank God because it was Him that was doing the work. From Badagry DCC, I was posted to Lagos DCC in Lagos Island in December 2012. Since that time we have been doing the work of God here in Lagos DCC. The work of God is not so easy in Lagos. This is because there is no enough land. Where I worked in the past there were enough lands to plant churches. It was  easy to get land. But when I get to Lagos it is not easy at all. It is not easy to acquire a land here if not the grace of God. God used me to revive some churches. From 2012 till now God has been wonderful to me here in Ebute Elefun.

The authority of the church called and interviewed nine of us last year. They see the grace of God in our lives especially in regards to planting of churches and the works the Lord has already used us for. I am one of the pioneer Regional Superintendents. The authority of the church did an orientation course for us at Ibadan this year. They lecture and orientate on the work of regional superintendent. We started from Wednesday 22 to Friday 24thNovember, 2017.

What are the duties of a Regional Superintendent?

During the orientation, we were thought that the duties of a Regional Superintendent are to oversee the work of God in the assigned region. They taught us that we will be in charge of DCCs, Zones, Districts and Assemblies. We were told that the work of God must move forward more than before in terms of planting of more churches, making people to be disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ and many others. The work of Regional Superintendent is bringing us back to our old vision of all our founding fathers which is to see that people give their lives to Christ and more churches are plant.

With the introduction of regional bodies, will state councils still continue?

In Lagos State we have Lagos 1,2, and 3 councils. The work of regional administration is still more than that. All the councils in all the states will continue under the umbrella of regions.

Are we going to have coordinators for all the units in the church like it is in all the states councils?

Definitely we are going to have it. There will be Regional Youth Secretary, Regional Good women Secretary, Regional CACMA Secretary and Regional Usher Secretary among others in every region. This is to ensure that things we have been doing before will not be erased, but more are added to them.

What is your vision for Babalola region which comprises of Oyo and Osun state?

Firstly, my vision for Oyo and Osun state region is planting of more churches so that the kingdom of God will be populated in my own time. I know that by the grace of God,  the God of our fathers who have been helping me during my youth time as a pastor will still continue to help me in Oyo and Osun state. God will help me to propagate the gospel so that sinners will come to Him, then the kingdom of God will become populated.

Some members of CAC Worldwide on the Whatsapp groups of CAC NEWS advised the Regional Superintendents to organize regional crusade, develop the youths and plant more churches. What is your take on this?

My expectation is that the Lord of heaven will help us because without God we can’t do anything. But once God is backing us, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us to propagate the gospel. I believe by the grace of God the work of God during our own time will be more than before. I will tell the people in my own region that what I come for is to propagate the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ which I have been doing and it will not be left out.


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