Exposition of 2018 CAC Watchword by Pastor Olu Olorunpomi

Senior Pastor of CAC Eternal Praise, Pastor Olu Olorunpomi

The Psalms are full of prayers. Christians are quick to quote those scripture passages to invoke the grace, mercy, favour and others from the Creator.

However, we must learn that those prayer-full Psalms must be used in the appropriate context and at the appropriate time. For instance, it is easier and more common to pray Psalm 86:15-17 entreating the LORD to turn to us and have mercy upon us.

Whereas, what we really need is to turn to the LORD because He does not change. There's no shadow of turning with Him.

The CAC Worldwide watchword for 2018 captures and expresses the need of the moment both in our individual lives and in the corporate life of the church, even our nations! We cannot even by our own efforts and will turn to Him. So we really need Him to turn us unto Himself. When His face shines the light, we can find our way to the right direction.

As individuals, as a church and as a nation, we have travelled far enough on the wrong direction.

And no matter your speed, if you are moving to the wrong direction, you will arrive at the wrong destination. It's time to go to the LORD to help us find our bearing. It must be a daily confession in every home and in every assembly and in every meeting of CAC even the meetings of those in the authority.
God bless CAC Worldwide.

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